Do you need to submit an evaluation for your completed project? See below for Application, Guidelines, and Grantee Forms.
  • Introduction and Purpose [+]
    Subito grants provide critical funding to composers for creative projects that can help them grow artistically and professionally. Grants range from $500 to $3,000 and can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to: performer fees; recording fees; concert expenses (ex. performer fees, venue rental); travel expenses associated with the production of new music; and score production (ex. arranging, engraving, copying/printing costs). Requests for equipment (software, hardware, computers, or musical instruments) will not be accepted. Subito aims to give a boost to the careers of composers who are strongly dedicated to their art, who show artistic merit, and who propose an excellent project. We wish to award grants to varied artists from the many genres of music represented in the Philadelphia area.

    Composers are strongly encouraged to contact James Falconi, Program Manager, to discuss their project prior to submitting a proposal.
  • Eligibility [+]
    Individual composers in the Philadelphia region are eligible to apply. Applicants need not be members of the American Composers Forum to apply; however, artists whose projects are funded must become ACF members and remain ACF members for the duration of the project. To join ACF online, visit the website.

    In order to encourage greater access to and broader distribution of the resources available, ACF Philadelphia will fund only one Subito project per year for the same applicant. Composers who receive a Subito grant must sit out one round before applying again. Grants will be made to composers residing in, or projects occurring in, the following six counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties in PA and Camden County in NJ.

    Subito grants cannot be used as honoraria to composers for writing a piece of music.
  • Project Funding [+]
    Grants range from $500-$3,000. The maximum grant award per project is $3,000.
  • Criteria [+]
    An independent panel of local composers, accomplished instrumentalists, music educators, and/or other music industry-professionals will review and judge all eligible proposals on:
    • Artistic merit
    • Significance of the project to the applicant's career
    • Significance of the project to the advancement of new music
    • Demonstrated ability of the artist to carry out the project
    • Degree to which the project is well planned and feasible
    • The clarity and persuasiveness of the application in supporting the criteria listed above
  • Work Samples [+]
    Applicants must submit audio samples of their work. Please include a detailed track listing and cues, if appropriate, for the selections you wish the panel to hear, keeping in mind that the panel may only listen to 5 minutes worth of material. If a collaborator is a significant part of the project, please include a work sample for the collaborator as well. If an audio sample is not available, a written score is required.

    Please submit all audio samples on one CD, and include one copy of each score, if applicable. You may
    also submit one DVD containing video samples. MP3 will not be accepted. Please protect CDs and DVDs during shipment. If you would like your work samples returned to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. ACF Philadelphia is not responsible for insufficient postage or packing materials. Work samples will not be kept on file.
  • Evaluation [+]
    Grantees must submit a Final Report within six weeks of the project’s conclusion, to include: a narrative report documenting the experience, assessing whether goals were reached as intended, etc.; financial reports; and documentation of the project. ACF Philadelphia requires a Final Report in order for the artist to receive the final payment of funds awarded for the project. Composers with overdue Final Reports will not be eligible for additional grants until the Final Report is submitted.
  • Funding Credit [+]
    All publicity materials, programs and/or scores funded by this grant must credit the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter.
  • Deadline (n/a) [+]
    Unfortunately, Subito grants have been suspended indefinitely. Please read this announcement for full details.
  • Project Possibilities [+]
    Past Subito Projects
    Funds from Subito awards can be used for a variety of projects. Many area composers have applied for support to produce CD recordings of their own music. While this is a popular and common project, there are many other possibilities. Have an idea for something unique? Great; we encourage you to contact us for feedback prior to submission.

    Past projects have included:
    • Travel expenses (in association with the production of new music)
    • Festival expenses (for the development of one’s compositional voice)
    • Concert production (for solo composer programs: musician fees, venue rental, etc)
    • Score production (for arranging, engraving, copying/printing costs)
  • Questions? Contact [+]
    James Falconi, Program Manager,
  • Funders [+]
    Subito is made possible with generous support from the William Penn Foundation.
  • Application, Guidelines and Grantee Forms [+]
    • Subito Application and Guidelines [+]
      Guidelines and Application for Subito (Revised 1/2015) - Download
    • Proposal Writing Tips [+]
      Useful tips on writing your grant proposal - Download
    • Subito Composer Evaluation [+]
      Subito Composer Evaluation - Download
    • Event Demographic Survey [+]
      For projects with concert performances (edit and save enabled PDF) - Download
    Past Subito Grantees